Monday, February 13, 2012

The journey begins

I became a dedicated clean eater four years ago and started losing weight like crazy. Then I added a lot of athletic training and my weight loss stopped. I had stopped eating meat, for the most part, in order to save money. I looked into the vegan protein method of eating a grain with a legume and decided to give it a go. I started making salads with wheat berries and beans every week. Then I started getting sick and staying sick. I knew it was something I was eating, but I wasn't sure what. My allergist at the time had refused to test me for food allergies before and I knew she wouldn't change her mind. A friend was seeing a different allergist and he had tested her for the top eight food allergy culprits. I switched over, went through testing, and BAMM, I discovered that I was allergic to wheat (minor) and soy (major). For the previous eight years I had thought I was lactose intollerant and had avoided ice cream like the plague. Now I discovered that I only presented these symptoms when I ate ice cream with soy in it. I made up for lost time and gained 20 pounds in three weeks. Yikes! I have been trying to follow the allergy free cookbooks, but very few follow the clean eating rules, so I have decided to start creating my own recipes.

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